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Florida Buyer Broker Beverly Howe Private Client Real Estate Buyer Services
Florida Buyer Broker Beverly Howe, CEO

To receive the best real estate buyer broker services possible, please schedule in advance.

We will coordinate the details of your property criteria via  links provided to you by our office and the REALTOR® MLS data base.  Showing agenda includes New Homes, New Developments, Re-Sale Homes and Condominiums, New High Rises, Bank Foreclosures, Estate sales, Luxury Estate Homes, Unlisted property and For Sale by Owner Properties in Southwest Florida.

Beginning your property search months in advance of your arrival will help you understand all aspects of the real estate market and buying process. You will be much better prepared and informed when you are ready to make your buying decision.

No buyer broker agreement is required to obtain Florida Buyer Broker buyer service.

Buyer broker services include, but are not limited to this list:

Estimate cost of property ownership provide financing options based on property acquisition type.

MLS – REALTOR Property Database access provided as a service to our buyer clients. 

Florida Buyer Broker, Beverly Howe researches best properties and coordinates showing agenda which includes buyers choices.

Showing agenda includes New Homes, Developments, Re-Sale Homes and Condominiums, New High Rises, Bank Foreclosures, Estate sales, Luxury Estate Homes, Unlisted property and For Sale by Owner Properties in Southwest Florida.

Provide property and neighborhood information on properties of greatest interest to buyers.

Explain purchase agreement, addenda and relevant property disclosures for purchase at first meeting.  This prepares the buyers with realistic offer presentation expectations.  Provides preliminary review of documents buyer will be signing and counsels buyers regarding their responsibility in the real estate buying transaction.  Florida real estate purchases do not have the same protocol as all other US States.

Provide comparable sales information on selected property and recommend offering price strategy. 

Prepare and present property offers to seller or seller’s agent.  Represent buyers as single agent, buyer broker. 

Negotiate price and terms of property in best interest of the buyers only. 

Keep confidential buyer’s negotiating strategy and motivation when making offer to purchase property.

Recommend experts to conduct due diligence inspections on property between contract signing and closing.    

Monitor property closing process.  Represent buyers and assist at closing of real estate transaction.

Represents real estate buyers with honesty, loyalty, integrity, skill and expertise.  Florida Buyer Broker has an outstanding reputation cooperating with other agents and brokers in Southwest Florida.       

Beverly Howe, CEO

1031 Exchange Specialist

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