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The most important thing a buyer can  do is first of all  work with a buyer broker.”

As stated by AARP and the Consumer Federation of America from REALTOR® News

There is NEVER a conflict of interest between the buyer and seller.

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Beverly Howe, CEO

Owner-Florida Buyer Broker

1031 Exchange Specialist

Licensed in Southwest Florida Since 1981 

Specializing in US and International Private Client Real Estate

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I am friendly and easy to talk to.  Please do not text me.

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When you are going to make one of the most significant financial investments in your life … Ask Beverly Howe, first!

Buyer ONLY services are provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST  to the buyer when they obtain the buyer broker services of Florida Buyer Broker.  

Florida Buyer Broker is a buyers only real estate firm which finds the best homes and condominiums, new construction or resale, in the buyers price range in Collier and Lee Counties. 

Florida Buyer Broker agents are required to legally negotiate for the very best price possible and the best terms on the buyers behalf.  Florida Buyer Broker agents are obligated to take care of the buyers best interest throughout the real estate purchase transaction. 

Other real estate firms may have additional fees for buyer agent or buyer broker services.  They may also transition to Transaction Brokers.  Florida Buyer Broker will never “switch to” a Transaction Broker.


The State of Florida assumes all buyers and sellers know; all Florida real estate brokers and their associates are “Transaction Associates,” who never represent the buyer or the seller exclusively.  Many Transaction Brokerage firms in Southwest Florida have over 500 associates in their office.  Many firms do not allow their associates to work as buyer’s agents.  They do not want the liability associated with 500 real estate licensees working in one office.  Transaction Brokerage offices have virtually no liability in the real estate transaction. 

Transaction associates are NOT required to tell you they are transaction associates or to disclose to you in writing because, they DO NOT represent you.   When a buyer agrees to work with a Transaction associate they give up undivided loyalty of the licensee. The licensee will facilitate the transaction by assisting both the buyer and seller, but is not suppose to represent one party to the detriment of the other.   Unlike States with Dual Agency where the buyer and seller are represented by the same agent, the buyer or seller can sue the broker if they  are misrepresented or treated unfairly. Florida has remove the liability the brokerage may have in the transaction.  To date no Transaction Broker has been held liable for misrepresentation, because they do not have to disclose to the buyer that they DO NOT represent the buyer. The #1 mistake Florida buyers make is to assume a real estate licensee represents them as a buyers agent!    

Only Single Agents representing buyers as Buyers Brokers or Buyers Agents are required to make written disclosure to the buyers when they meet.  There is a sample of the Single Agent Notice form at the bottom of the menu bar on the right.  The form is a disclosure is not a contract.  It is a statement of facts to inform the buyer or seller the broker and their agents owe them the fiduciary duties listed on form.

Florida Buyer Broker is an Buyer Broker firm offering Single Agency to buyers only.  We never “bait and switch” from Single Agency to Transaction Brokerage. 


Single Agency means the real estate firm is not intending to represent the seller and buyer in the same transaction. They intend to represent the buyer or the seller exclusively, but not both.

Most real estate offices which Offer Single Agency to buyers also list seller’s property for sale.  Their associates will offer to be the buyer’s agent with the Single Agent Disclosure form and ask to be able to switch to a transaction associate, when they first meet. When the buyer is interested in any of the offices listings, the licensee changes back to a transaction associate.  They would then be working for the seller in the same transaction.  It does not have to be the licensees own listing.   Transaction brokers will switch back and forth, as a new office listing might become of interest to the buyer.  This usually happens after the buyer has provided their financial information and motivation to buy to the real estate associate because they thought the associate would be representing them exclusively the whole time.


The State of Florida requires any real estate licensee who says they are a buyer’s agent or sellers agent to provide the Single Agent Disclosure form to the buyer or seller upon first meeting.  The form describes the Fiduciary duties owned by the buyers agent or sellers agent to the Client: Honest, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Obedience, Full Disclosure, Accounting for all funds, Skill, Care and Diligence, presenting all offers in a timely manner, Disclosure all known facts.  Transaction associates give limited  loyalty to the buyer and the seller. The Single Agent form is a disclosure notice, not a contract.  It obligates the Buyer Broker and their agents to take care of the buyer’s best interest.  It does not obligate the buyer to anything.  It is a statement of facts required by Florida Law to give to the buyer or seller ONLY when they are going to represent their best interest.  Florida Buyer Broker is a Single Agency firm representing buyers only.  We never “bait and switch” from Single Agent to Transaction Associate.

Florida Buyer Broker does not represent any seller’s real estate for sale. Any properties you find on or through this website are via the cooperation of the REALTOR® MLS data base or provided by builders.  Builders and developers do not sell their properties for less to a buyer who goes to their development without an buyer broker or buyers agent to assist them.


Florida Buyer Broker, is compensated by the real estate commission already built into the price of the property by the seller’s agent, developer or builder. All listings entered into the REALTOR® MLS system by the sellers’ listing agent offer to share their commission with all other real estate agents including  buyer brokers and buyer agents. 

In the State of Florida only a buyer broker or buyers agent can legally negotiate for the lowest price and best terms for the buyers.  The buyer broker or buyers agent must take care of the buyers’ best interest throughout the transaction.  Only a buyer broker or buyer agent is required to keep the buyer’s financial status and motivation to buy confidential.  Florida Buyer Broker always takes the buyers side.  Florida Buyer Broker, Beverly Howe is a career real estate professional with over 35 years of local real estate knowledge and a Master Certified Negotiation Expert, MCNE.

Florida Buyer Broker does not represent any seller’s real estate for sale. Any properties you find on or through this website are via the cooperation of the REALTOR® MLS data base or provided by builders.  Builders and developers do not sell their properties for less to a buyer who goes to their development without an buyer broker or buyers agent to assist them.


 Accredited Buyers’ Representative, ABR may also list seller’s properties and may need to change from a Buyer’s Agent to a Transaction Associate who can no longer represent the buyer.  When there is a listing in their office which is of interest to the buyer there is a conflict of interest. The ABR designee has completed classes to help them when working with buyers and pays annual dues to the Real Estate Buyers Agent Council to be in their directory. The designation is given by the National Association of REALTORS®.  In Florida, the class also teaches Transaction Brokerage in the State of Florida.


Buyer Broker Agreements or Contracts are written to protect the buyer broker.  They require the buyer to pay the balance of buyer’s agent or buyer broker compensation when the amount offered in the MLS or the builder is less than what is agreed upon in the buyer broker agreement or contract.

Florida Buyer Broker DOES NOT require a written buyer broker agreement, buyer agent contract or retainer fee.  Other offices may have advance fees for buyer broker services.  Other offices may require a written agreement.  

Florida Buyer Broker earns the buyers loyalty and accepts the shared commission offered by the sellers listing agent, the builder or developer as total compensation. 

Beverly Howe, is the owner of the original Florida Buyer Broker real estate company.  She will personally assist you with rock solid facts when locating, negotiating and closing your real estate transaction.

You will receive quality time, integrity, loyalty, honesty, skill and expertise with her exclusive buyer broker services. 

Beverly has extensive experience working as a buyer broker in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Bonita Beach, Estero, Fort Myers Beach, Ave Maria and Marco Island. 

She has experience helping buyers with luxury homes in Port Royal real estate luxury homes, Pelican Bay Highrises and other Gulf of Mexico high rise condominiums, vacation resort properties, new construction, vacation investment properties, 1031 Exchanges, relocating retirees, first time home buyers and international property buyers.  

Only a Single Agency firm like Florida Buyer Broker can guarantee the buyer they will receive ALL the fiduciary duties owed to the buyer to obtain a true private client relationship. 

Beverly is a full-time career professional with a wealth of knowledge to share with buyers.  She knows what’s selling, at what price, where it is located and where to find the amenities you are seeking.

After graduating from Florida State University-FSU, Beverly obtained her GRI – Graduate of REALTOR® Institute in 1987.  Her passion to promote buyer agency in real estate has also motivated her to obtain extensive continuing education courses including Master Certified Negotiation Expert-MCNE, Certified International Property Specialist, 1031 Exchange Specialist, Senior Real Estate Specialist, graduate of the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing, and Accredited Buyer’s Representative. 

She will provide all the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.  Your transaction will be as smooth and worry free as possible.

Seller’s agents are confident when they know the buyers’ side of the transaction is professionally guided by Beverly Howe, Owner of Florida Buyer Broker.

Feel free to call NOW to introduce yourself the direct line is  1-239-601-2013 or toll free 1-800-283-7393 US and Canada.  

It is never too soon to start preparing to find your “piece of paradise!” !



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Graduate of the REALTOR Institute

Graduate Institute of Luxury Home Marketing

Accredited Buyer’s Representative 

Certified International Property Specialist 

Accredited Cape Coral Residential Specialist

Senior Real Estate Specialist 

Transnational Referral Certification 

1031 Exchange Specialist

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Other REALTORS® have confidence in buyers who obtain the services of  Florida Buyer Broker   

There is  NO additional cost to obtain my exclusive buyer broker services! 

Beverly Howe provides Southwest Florida real estate buyers in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Springs, Bonita Beach, Estero, Ave Maria Florida and the surrounding areas with Integrity, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Honesty, Skill and Expertise.

  Beverly Howe,  Chief Executive Officer

Florida Buyer Broker

  1031 Exchange Specialist 

I am friendly and easy to talk to.  Phone calls are the best to contact me. 

Please leave a message if I do not answer.  I will return your call ASAP.

Best Direct: 1-239-601-2013

Toll Free:  1-800-283-7393 US & Canada

The most important thing a buyer can  do is first of all  work with a buyer broker.”

When you are going to make one of the most significant financial investments in your life … Ask Beverly Howe first!


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